Hi and welcome to my site. I’m Michael McCooe, and I breed, train and sell sport and working horses internationally.

Based on the Swiss-German border, near Schaffhausen, I’ve worked with sport and working horses for the past 40 years. I specialise in Warmblood sports horses, mostly German, and have also handled thoroughbreds, Irish horses and Cross-breeds. I’ve worked with some of the most well-known trainers and riders around the world.

michael mccooe - classical music

When not working with horses, I spend plenty of my spare time reading and listening to opera and classical music. I’ve set up a Michael McCooe SoundCloud profile which I update regularly.

This website has been set up to provide you with my views and updates on my current works. It contains regular updates about some of the greatest composers of time gone by and documents some of the achievements by some of my favourite composers across Europe.

Originally from Australia, I’m currently based in Schaffhausen, a city with a population of around 35,000. With plenty of traditional sculpture and architecture, the picturesque city has people of varying nationalities including German, Italian and French.

I’m bilingual, so am able to communicate with the majority of people who I come into contact with.

To get into contact with me, connect with me on LinkedIn and keep up to date with all of my social media activity through Crunchbase and Clippings.me.

Michael McCooe